Clients – HR Services

Our team specializes in different areas of the technological sector in order to achieve effective and high-quality solutions that adapt to the clients' needs.

Our clients aim to reduce production risks and simplify Human Resources management. For this reason, the Smartlance team works to improve profitability, reduce structural expenses, optimize each company's resources, and ensure that outsourced services are managed quickly and with quality.

Among the HR services, our clients can choose IT professional search for limited-duration projects (outsourcing), as well as the possibility for Smartlance to take care of in-house recruitment processes (Headhunting).

Staff recruitment

I want to hire for my team We fulfill the company's needs by seeking professionals within the technological sector to join the client's team.

What we offer:

  • Professionalism and efficiency in attracting new professionals to fill specific positions.
  • Continuous acquisition of new resources. 
  • Specialized and continuously updated database
  • Guarantee period, during which, if the candidate does not meet the client's expectations, Smartlance will provide a new candidate at no cost.

I want to outsource the hiring process

We dedicate ourselves to sourcing candidates in the technological field to cover limited-duration projects.

What we offer:

  • Thorough candidate selection.
  • Flexibility, rigor, and speed in service.
  • An updated database with the best freelance candidates.
  • Contractual relationship between the candidate and Smartlance.
  • Mediation between the client and the candidate for effective hiring.