Who we are

What we do

Smartlance is a specialized recruitment company focused on sourcing highly skilled professionals in the IT world. Through an extensive network of contacts, our team is dedicated to locating and reaching out to candidates in the technology sector to fulfill specific-duration projects (freelance subcontracting) and full-time positions (hiring), thus meeting the needs of our clients.

Smartlance is one of the first IT agencies established in Spain. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we have filled a significant number of vacancies in the technology sector. Our success is backed by a wide portfolio of national and international clients, as well as an extensive database and network of contacts specialized in the IT field.

At Smartlance, we believe that in order to provide the best human resources solutions to our clients, it's essential to have a deep understanding of the market and comprehend their needs as if they were our own. For this reason, we have developed an innovative, specialized, and flexible working model through which we offer the most qualified professionals ready to fulfill each client's needs in the shortest possible time while maintaining quality standards.

Quienes Somos

We interpret the needs and interests of each client and offer personalized and quality responses through the most suitable professionals.

Our History

Smartlance was created in September 2003 due to the growing demand for highly skilled profiles in the technology sector with the aim of meeting the emerging demand. The main objective of Smartlance is to respond to clients in need of specialized profiles with a high level of experience and autonomy.

Quienes Somos

Initially, Smartlance work consisted of resource outsourcing in the SAP environment, but due to the increasing demand for different specialists in the IT sector, Smartlance scope of work expanded to other IT areas. In this way, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of clients in search of qualified workers in various IT areas. Smartlance goal is to establish a bond between clients and IT professionals.

The creation of Smartlance brought about the implementation of an innovative and pioneering working model in Spain, which has become a well-established reference trusted by numerous companies and professionals.

Our Values

Commitment: As professionals, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the success of each project. At Smartlance, we believe it's essential to identify our clients' objectives as our own.

Effectiveness: Being a company focused on addressing specific needs, our dedication is centered on finding solutions for our clients in the shortest possible time.

Quality: We are committed to continuous excellence through the selection of the best professionals.

Flexibility: Depending on their needs, our clients decide whether to hire for their team or outsource hiring through Smartlance.

Specialization: We are pioneers in Spain in outsourcing freelance professionals in the technology sector.

Speed: Thanks to our years of experience and dedication, we can offer an agile and effective service.